hola! i'm a user interface designer, photographer, & illustrator from melbourne.

I'm Cass, a UI specialist with a focus on experience. I believe strongly in creating interfaces with considered narratives, and making both aesthetic and functional decisions that are grounded in psychological principle. I'm constantly inspired by technology, science, art, and the confluence of physical and digital spaces.

Elasticity is my ethos, so you'll always find me learning new skills or expanding my knowledge. When I was but a wee lass, I used myspace to teach myself HTML/CSS, and from that point I've been in love with digital. My life as a designer started with branding and publication, but I made it back to digital in 2015 with my work in mobile apps - where I was given the opportunity to work on my first truly impactful projects.

More recently, I've stumbled into DesignOps management, and in the future I'll be looking for more mixed-reality and experiential design projects. Get in touch for collaborations / explorations / ideations.

Check out this stuff I put on the internet:

Pulp Science-Fiction
Abandoned Film
Brief Jerky